Our Story

Minnesota Flyers Gymnastics
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, completed the initial construction of a new gymnastics facility in January 2000 in Detroit Lakes, MN.

Our purpose was to house a gymnastics club, all regional gymnastic programs and events, USAG meets, high school meets, gymnastic camps, community education programs and programs for non-profit youth groups.

In order to build our facility, Minnesota Flyers fundraised $500,000 and borrowed $100,000 from the City of Detroit Lakes, (of which we have repayed in full) and then donated the building to the City of Detroit Lakes.

We are continuing to make building improvements one of which was replacing the spring floor (January 2011).

As a non-profit organization, MFG is run by a board of directors who are responsible for developing the programs and setting policies in the gym.

Due to budget constraints and being a non-profit organization, every fundraising dollar counts!

Please help us and our community kids by participating in our fundraising events, volunteering your time, and supporting our gaming sites.
Thank you so much!!