Competitive Team Prices & Fees

Team Class Prices

(Prices subject to change in Summer Sessions)
Class Length Price per Session

Pre-Team-Levels 1 & 2
Compulsories-Levels 3 & 4
Compulsory & Optionals-Levels 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

2 hours/2x week
3 hours/3x week
3 hours/4x week



Additional Team Fees & Costs

MFG Annual Team Fee – $35
Annual team fee paid by all team members.
MN USAG Fee – $15
Fee paid each season to the Minnesota USAG by all gymnasts who compete at meets in Minnesota.
USAG Fee – $55
Fee paid each season to USAG by any and all gymnasts who compete in USAG meets. Membership is from July to July of each year.
Pre Team Leotard – $25-$30
Pre team members may be asked to purchase team performance leotard every year or two.
Competitive Team Leotard – $55
Competitive Team Leotards must be purchased every year or two. Warm-Up Jackets will be rented for $30.
Competitive Team Jacket – $30
MFG will be renting out Team Warm-Up Jackets prior to each meet season.
Meet Fees – $35-$110
Gymnasts pay their own meet entrance fees which vary from meet to meet. Entry Fees increase as your gymnasts’ level increases. MFG attends 5-8 meets per year.